Marketing intelligence all in one place

Datorama is a powerful insights engine, capable of unifying a huge variety of marketing data into a single frame of reference. This means you can say goodbye to manual attempts at reconciling data from each pillar of marketing activity, from website engagement through to social media and advertising efficacy. Datorama is your new one stop shop for marketing intelligence that can give you the insights you need on your marketing spend.

Lightfold has partnered with Datorama because we recognise how quickly this application can produce value for your business. Closing the loop between your investment decisions and their outcomes means you can make better, more powerful choices about how you engage with your clients.

Lightfold has a compelling Datorama offering:

Engagement Tracker

Track ad and journey performance at a glance

Marketing Intelligence

Uniting advertising, journey and campaign performance 

See Datorama in action

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Photo credit: NASA on Unsplash