Salesforce is better with Snowflake

Snowflake is powering the long-awaited cloud revolution in data analytics architecture. With their ground-breaking Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) solution, Snowflake is an external data analytics solution powerful enough to be queried by Salesforce Einstein Analytics in real time – as though your entire data warehouse was already inside Salesforce. Not only that, but the new ‘Einstein Out’ connector functionality has been announced for Snowflake, making it a truely seamless extension of the Salesforce analytics ecosystem.

But for Salesforce and Snowflake, this is just the start. Snowflake now spans across every public cloud storage provider seamlessly (AWS, Azure and GCP), allowing the creation of the new Snowflake Data Cloud – a global data mesh powering a new type of global Data Marketplace – one where you don’t just import intelligence into your warehouse – you click a button and it’s already there…

The Lightfold team are proud to have always been first adopters and early pioneers when truly game-changing tech hits our space; that’s why we’ve partnered with Snowflake to explore the new enterprise capabilities opened up with deep Einstein integration and real predictive intelligence upgrades powered by Precisely on the Snowflake Data Marketplace.


And as always, it’s fixed price, high speed to value.
Read the Snowflake + Salesforce Press Release

Instantaneous data sharing changes the game…