Tableau CRM

Excellence in analytics at scale

Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) is the data analysis and visualisation layer of our modern data cloud stack. Lightfold is a certified Salesforce partner and has implemented Tableau CRM across a range of industries both in Australia and overseas. Secure, scalable, performant and leveraging the backbone of Salesforce architecture, Tableau CRM continues to be a compelling value proposition for solving data visualisation.

How it works

Tableau CRM aims to solve analytics with agility at scale and it does this with impressive architecture harnessing:

  • A proprietary, non relational data store: Data is stored with a dynamic, horizontally scalable key-value pair approach, speeding the steps from ingest to explore.
  • Columnar in-memory computing: Queries are streamlined by a computing method that doesn't process data rows and unrelated data
  • High speed visualisation engine: Rapidly rendered SVGs respond dynamicly to user interactions

Insights don’t come from reports

Embedded intelligence isn’t a hash tag, but a compelling value proposition when it comes to Tableau CRM. Added to this, dashboard assets are a part of the action framework of the entire Salesforce platform. But what does that mean? It means that insights and intelligence can be added seamlessly to workflows where they happen and form a stepping off point to further action.

Decisions happen in context, it’s who to call next about the new product offering and which task to prioritise. Supporting these actions means putting data where the action is, not in another application. Embedded analytics makes analytics work for every type of user, seamlessly complementing their work with meaningful insight into their jobs as well as offering useful recommendations for next steps.

Lightfold has made this real for some of the worlds biggest brands as well as smaller businesses doing cool things here at home. Our experience means we can bundle the incredible capabilities of the Einstein platform into functional outcomes that suit a huge variety of requirements across industry verticals. We’re focused on accelerating how quickly you reach value, so we charge exclusively on a fixed price model. Partnership isn’t just a buzzword for us, because your success is ours too.


Provide targeted relief:

  • Poor or patchy line of sight to customers
  • Poor collaboration or handoffs between different teams
  • Non-performant integrations don't show enough detail or show it too slowly
  • Page layouts are too dense, what's important isn't clear
    Critical intel is distributed across systems

Custom AI models

Aim higher:

  • Extract value from the data assets you already have on hand
  • Expand your analysis to forecasting and predictive recommendation
  • Find novel insights into your business
  • Use writeback to deliver detailed findings to every user