About us

We’re the experts in generating value from your customer data.  We specialise in deployment of the Modern Data Stack to activate your data and power customer experience.  In practice, this means we’re capable of building all sorts of assets – from dashboards to AI models, to customer data models – that help your staff and your business to succeed.

We believe so strongly in the transformative power of data that we do our job in a totally different way:

  • Fixed Price Engagements: We agree on an outcome and deliver it. We back our expertise and teamwork to get you the result.
  • Capability: We don’t want our customers dependent on us for every change and iteration. We’re focused on enabling and educating your teams on how we do what we do.

Our crew has experience working with the biggest brands around the world as well as smaller businesses doing cool things here at home. We work closely with the product teams of all our technology partners to shape how the platforms evolve and to keep close to the latest developments. We are inspired by the unfolding new frontier of data and machine learning in the cloud – we are here to help you pioneer what it means for your business and your customers.

We’re craftspeople at heart – we love making stuff that our customers love