Next gen data integration

Fivetran is the solve for data integration in our modern data cloud stack. With Fivetran, we say goodbye to data pipelines that are brittle and vulnerable to schema change and heartily welcome ones that deliver with robust, scalable and secure architecture. Lightfold has partnered with Fivetran because this technology elegantly and efficiently alleviates a blocker that stops businesses drawing on the full extent of their data estate.

How it works

Fivetran reorganises the traditional processes of ETL (extract, transform and load) to ELT (extract, load and transform), vanishing the time and human resource intensive process of readying data for analysis. Instead, your data undergoes routine normalisation and cleaning during the intermediary steps between connection and writing.

Watch Fivetran work its magic!

Take a look at how easily Fivetran works alongside Snowflake as part of the modern cloud data stack.

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Photo credit: Donald Giannatti on Unsplash