Rich data is high-octane fuel for your customer relationships

Precisely is a premier data supplier, building on an impressive heritage from Syncsort and Pitney Bowes in handling, processing and transforming data. Lightfold has partnered with Precisely because we believe that high grade consumer segmentation and demographic data represents a way to both expand and accelerate how businesses understand their own markets and operations. It’s not simply data enrichment, its expanding the footprint of your customer data which has important knock on effects to your value chain.

Introducing Precisely

Why bother with data enrichment?

Expanding on your customer data footprint can quickly deliver ROI multipliers and really move the needle on your investment in predictive capability.  Knowing even a little more about your customer or your prospect when using a machine learning application like Einstein Discovery can make all the difference. Yet, for many businesses, almost no budget is invested in data acquisition – because it’s seen as too expensive or too complex to operationalise (…or both).

That’s why Lightfold have partnered with Precisely to tailor-build a rich data supply solution that’s both affordable and directly relevant to our customers and their analytics efforts. This solves one part of the issue, cost and availability.  Next generation virtual data warehousing solves the second part, integration and operationalisation. Using the Snowflake Marketplace and Data Sharing you can reap the benefits of deeper customer data in a fraction of the time of traditional integration applications.

Your analytics engine is a sports car. Run it on premium fuel.

Photo credit:  Richard Gatley on Unsplash