Best in class compute and storage

Snowflake forms an integral part of our modern cloud data stack, providing an innovative solve for data compute and storage. Whatever public cloud provider you use – Google, Microsoft or Amazon – you can use Snowflake. Lightfold has partnered with Snowflake because we recognise game changing tech when we see it! Snowflake offers a scalable, performant and secure way to alleviate chronic data issues that put limits on generating true value from your data.

How it works

Architecturally, Snowflake comprises 3 layers:

  • Storage: Optimised for truely big data with performant querying
  • Compute: Dedicated compute clusters streamline workload handling
  • Cloud Services: Wraparound providing account governance, security and session management

Salesforce is better with Snowflake

Snowflake is powering the long-awaited cloud revolution in data analytics architecture. Snowflake is an external data analytics solution powerful enough to be queried by Salesforce TableauCRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) in real time. Groundbreaking Virtual Data Warehousing makes it seem as though your entire data warehouse was already inside Salesforce! Added to that, with the new Einstein Analytics Out’ connector functionality Snowflake truly is a seamless extension of the Salesforce analytics ecosystem.

The Snowflake Data Marketplace means you can just as easily introduce new assets to your data estate. The marketplace hosts hundreds of live assets provided by a range of third parties and data specialists. It isn’t about importing data into your warehouse anymore. Zero-copy cloning means it arrives at a click of a button. Lightfold is proud to be a Snowflake partner and excited by the possibilities opened up by frictionless data enrichment powering predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery.

Watch Snowflake in action!

Take a look at this demo of using Snowflake to seamlessly enrich your data and help you make better decisions:

Want to learn more?

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