New world, new methods

Tesseract is Lightfold’s design methodology. It’s how we build data applications that help users and businesses achieve their goals. Tesseract uses human-centred design, agile and value proposition design to achieve quick wins that make a difference.

Like the geometry suggests, Tesseract draws together four aspects: people, data, action and application. Understanding users and how they do their job in combination with the data estate allows us to construct data applications that enrich and support workflows.  

Data applications are as diverse as users and businesses themselves. They can take the form of predictive recommendations, suggesting the next best action users should take. Alternatively, data applications can be as simple as a heads up display bringing together outlier notifications with relevant descriptive analysis.

Tesseract Design Methodology

Tesseract boosts your return on investment in new data platforms because users want to engage with data applications that ease problems and amplify wins.  Added to that, data platforms are increasingly pushing toward productised functionality so development is much more efficient. There’s literally no value in spinning your wheels. Tesseract’s agile approach means you see outcomes sooner, and realise your investment sooner

We don’t do things the old way.  Data platforms have changed, so have our methods.

Tesseract in practice

Tesseract consists of interconnected modules that draw on the expertise and experience of all levels of the business. It encompasses strategic drivers and external market pressures right down to detailed tactical requirements from frontline staff. Each module is a brief, high intensity workshop. 

Participant overview

  • Sponsor: Executive project advocate
  • Product owner: The role responsible for project implementation and our primary contact
  • User: Roles that will interact with the implementation
  • App SME (subject matter expert): Specialist roles with deep technical expertise of existing platforms and installs
  • Data SME (subject matter expert): Specialist roles with deep expertise on all, or parts of, the data estate
Participation requirements by module

Timeline: Core Tesseract modules

We will create a custom Tesseract program before kick off, answering to the requirements of your business and the project.  The core modules (right) are ones we use routinely.  It also gives an indication of the sequencing and parallelised nature of the Tesseract method.

Core module sequencing

Tesseract Lite

We’d love you talk to you about how you want to use data in your business. Tesseract Lite is an opportunity to try Tesseract completely free of charge as a way to better understand your transformation objectives, users and data estate. Please contact us to find out more and arrange an appointment via customersuccess@lightfold.com.au