Anirudh Shetty

Squad Lead/Senior Analytics Engineer

Anirudh Shetty started out in software development but quickly made the shift to the world of consulting. He has since became a veteran in the world of implementing ERP systems for clients of every size. Now Arnie (as he like to be known) brings over 15 years of consulting experience to the Lightfold mix and is a rock solid and unflappable part of the team. 

Arnie’s role as squad lead means he’s in charge of marshalling the entire team across each domain of technical, design and production. Expect to see him at project kick off to project close out. He’ll likely be your main point of contact for day-to-day project management.

Thanks to his wide array of consulting experiences, nothing ever seems to break Arnie’s cool, calm and collected personality, and as a result he’s well and truly earned the nickname of 007!

Arnie has a deep passion for customer service, trusted consulting and over-delivery. He sees every project curve ball thrown his way as an opportunity to hit it out of the park and deliver the ‘wow-factor’.


  • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • Tableau Desktop Specialist