Robert Houston

Chief Technology Officer

Robert is burdened by the war stories of 20+ years of experience in a variety of IT disciplines including system administration, database administration, programming, consulting and in the past 10 years, analytics. Recognising that cloud architecture was going to rule the world (insert Skynet reference), Robert has specialised in Einstein Analytics to solve for cloud analytics and more recently has fallen in love with Snowflake which impressively solves the cloud data equation.

Robert is a founder at Lightfold and defines his role as CTFE (Chief text file editor) because when it comes right down to it, almost everything he does is configuration – people way smarter than him create the tools, systems, hardware and he just figures out how to make it all do something vaguely resembling a solution.


  • Certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • Certified Snowflake SnowPro