Lightfold Spotlight: Account360 embedded analytics with Snowflake

Picture of Graeme Lewis

Graeme Lewis

Chief Pipeline Officer

Account360 embedded analytics

Don’t let poor data integrations get in the way of valuable insights!

This demo shows how Snowflake can support your objective of providing insight to users where they’re doing their work. We already know how powerful the embedded dashboard feature of CRM Analytics can be in surfacing analytics to users.  But what about that unwieldy dataset that you don’t want to replicate inside CRM Analytics to support your whole of customer view?  That means it’s Snowflake’s time to shine.  Snowflake is exceptional at managing truely big data while maintaining performant live queries.  This demo showcases the seamless experience of live querying a huge dataset via an embedded Account360 within Salesforce.

“…everything in this table is coming from a 20 billion row transaction history dataset in Snowflake. It was split by customer and returned in seconds thanks to some clever micro-partitioning.” 

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