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Lightfold Spotlight: Predictive analytics with Precisely and Einstein Discovery

Data enrichment is a shortcut to an AI/ML power boost!

This demo shows how you can use data enrichment to supplement predictive analytics. Precisely is a long-time market leader in data transformation and validation. Precisely also curates a range of data assets that can extend your data estate in a way that provides meaningful and valuable insights. The dataset in this demo is a custom asset developed in partnership with Lightfold, potential consumer spend grouped by postcode. This demo shows how straightforward it is to integrate clean, current data with your own data model to immediately expand the range of factors considered by the model. 

Expanding the data that drives a model not only refines your findings but helps to bring model recommendations into focus. A key strength of Einstein Discovery is its transparency. Using Einstein Discovery never ends with a black box score. The outcomes have a human readable rationale and plain language breakdown of what can be done to affect the score. Introducing additional data to your model gives your users another angle on taking action and reaching success.

“…Einstein Discovery helps us understand the leading causes behind the [propensity to buy] score as well as how we can improve it..” 

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Demo by Graeme Lewis
Director of Account Management

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