Lightfold Spotlight: Precisely data enrichment with Snowflake Marketplace

Picture of Graeme Lewis

Graeme Lewis

Chief Pipeline Officer

Data Enrichment

Valuable data enrichment with just a few clicks?  Here’s how!

In this demo we show the incredible value that you can generate for your business by bringing together Precisely and Snowflake.

Precisely is a long-time market leader in data transformation, validation and integrity. Precisely also curates a range of data assets that boost usability and accuracy. What this means in practice is that you can supplement your data model with rich, meaningful data that can help you answer valuable questions that may otherwise go unanswered. Questions like: What does our local market look like? or what’s the profile of our top spenders?

Snowflake is our best in class for data compute and storage. The Snowflake marketplace brings together a range of data vendors, both big and small, providing assets that can be immediately introduced into your environment via zero copy cloning architecture. Say goodbye to brittle integrations that compromise your data currency and hello to frictionless integrations that bring you the latest data as it becomes available.

“When you combine Precisely and Snowflake together you get a massive uplift in the speed to value for data enrichment.”

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